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As I reflect on this year, it has been one of so many changes in my life. I am grateful to have brought regular movement into my life and that is because of you. Your gentle but accountable coaching style has helped me get stronger and be consistent, which were goals for this year. You are so responsive to what is happening in my body and life, adjusting workouts to meet my needs physically, emotionally and energetically. And all of this has brought about a sense of confidence that I haven't had in a long time. So once again, THANK YOU!! 

Kimberly G

Being a part of Octavia's small group Woman's Fitness classes has been a joy. Each time I come in, I feel welcomed, and energized. Each time I come out, I feel stronger and better balanced. Octavia takes the time to really know my body and curates exercises based my individual needs and the needs of the group. Additionally, the sessions feel like exercising among friends who care. Octavia has a unique way of making us feel seen and heard; her patience and enthusiasm resonates through every class and makes every exercise worthwhile and fun.

Jelena L

I have worked with Octavia for nearly three years. What I appreciate the most about Octavia is her focus on total fitness, she includes strength, cardio, mobility, recovery and reduced stress all into my workout program. She also has an incredible ability to help keep motivation high while at the same time providing challenging workouts.  I always look forward to our workouts and her approach to fitness has improved my physical strength and cardiovascular endurance while still being fun and motivating.

Amy J

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Today's session was great, as always. Octavia adeptly tailored my workouts to help me recover from a recent minor injury. She is absolutely amazing and a delight to be around. I very much look forward to our sessions together.

MaryAnn M

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